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UNSW Gateway

Early conditional offer

Applications open 6 July

Your pathway to uni

What is it?

UNSW Gateway is an admission pathway for students in Years 11 & 12 attending Gateway schools. It significantly adjusts the ATAR requirements for your preferred UNSW degree and provides you with an early conditional offer to UNSW.

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Getting an Early Conditional Offer

Participating in UNSW Gateway Winter Program is the best way to maximise your early conditional offer application.

How to apply?
What will I receive?
What is an equity scholarship?
UNSW Gateway early conditional offer key dates
Want to apply for UNSW Medicine?

UNSW Gateway – am I eligible?

UNSW Gateway program is a different way into university, that recognises that there is so much more to you, than just your ATAR.

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UNSW Gateway Winter Program

The UNSW Gateway Winter Program is a free, online program that provides academic resources and information to ensure that you succeed in your HSC, harness your strengths and stay motivated.

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Early Conditional Offer - FAQs

What is UNSW Gateway?
What courses can I apply for through UNSW Gateway?
Do I need to complete any extra assessment tasks to receive an UNSW Gateway conditional offer?
When can I apply for UNSW Gateway?
When do I find out if my application for UNSW Gateway has been successful?
Do I have to submit a separate UNSW Gateway application for each degree I am interested in studying?
Does UNSW Gateway take into consideration further adjustment factors?
Who decides who receives a UNSW Gateway conditional offer?
What other admissions pathways are available if I didn’t receive a UNSW Gateway early conditional offer or meet the predetermined requirements?
If I meet the requirements of my conditional offer, can I then defer my firm offer?
What schools are included in UNSW Gateway?
In Year 11 and planning on coming to UNSW in 2022?
I have more questions, who can I talk to?
I’m applying for an early conditional offer to a degree in Art and Design. What should my portfolio submission look like?
I’m applying for an early conditional offer in Art & Design, but I don’t study these courses at school. It’s an area I work on in my own time. How can I showcase my work?