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UNSW Gateway

Admission Pathway

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What is it?

The Gateway Admission Pathway is an early conditional offer to UNSW for Year 12 students that is administered through the UAC Schools Recommendation Scheme. Your application will be assessed on the basis of your personal statement and your schools’ ratings of your aptitudes and performance in relevant areas of study. If your application is successful, you will receive an early conditional offer with an ATAR entry requirement significantly lower than the Lowest Selection rank. Then, if your ATAR result is the same or higher than the requirement set for you in your early conditional offer, you will receive a firm offer to that UNSW degree, if it is your highest eligible preference. 

Gateway Admission Pathway applications for 2021 have now closed.

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2022 ATAR Adjustments

Getting an early conditional offer through the Gateway Admission Pathway

Participating in the UNSW Gateway Program is the best way to maximise your likelihood of receiving an early conditional offer. 

How to apply?
What will I receive?
What is an equity scholarship?
UNSW Gateway admission pathway key dates
Want to apply for UNSW Medicine?

Gateway Admission Pathway - FAQs


What is the UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway?
What are the changes to the Gateway Admission Pathway in 2021?
What courses can I apply for through UNSW Gateway?
What do I need to include in my application?
Are there a limited number of Gateway offers available?
When can I apply for UNSW Gateway?
When do I find out if my application for UNSW Gateway has been successful?
Am I eligible for the Gateway Admission Pathway if I am an international student?
Can I apply for more than one degree through the UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway?
Does UNSW Gateway take into consideration further adjustment factors?
What other admissions pathways are available if I didn’t receive a UNSW Gateway early conditional offer or meet the predetermined requirements?
If I meet the requirements of my conditional offer, can I then defer my firm offer?
What schools are included in UNSW Gateway?
Which degrees require a portfolio in addition to a personal statement?
I’m applying for an early conditional offer to a degree that requires a portfolio. What should my portfolio submission look like?
I’m applying for an early conditional offer for a degree which requires a portfolio, but I don’t have any schoolwork that I can showcase. It’s an area I work on in my own time. How can I showcase my work?
I’m applying to Bachelor of Laws (LLB) through the Gateway Admission Pathway, do I need to sit the Law Admission Test?
I have more questions, who can I talk to?

UNSW Gateway Program

Discover University. Maximise your ATAR. Succeed in your assessments and HSC. Access support and resources for the HSC. Explore faculties and degrees at UNSW. Apply for an early conditional offer to UNSW with our support.

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