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What is Non-Award and Cross-Institutional Study?

Non-Award Voluntary study allows students to apply for up to 24 units of credit worth of courses that do not lead to an award. It can be used to update professional knowledge for career purposes or purely out of personal interest in a specific field.

Cross-Institutional study is aimed at students who are currently enrolled in a degree at another Australian institution and would like to study courses at UNSW that may not be on offer at their home institution, but are still related to their degree. The units of credit undertaken at UNSW will be applied to the student’s degree at their home institution.

Before you Apply

  • Research the courses that you are interested in, you can find all the information you need in our Handbook.
  • Make sure the courses you wish to apply for are available for the term you wish to commence in. Not all courses are available for all terms and some have slightly different teaching periods. Please visit our Timetable website for more information.
  • Make sure you are aware of tuition fees and costs associated with taking up this study.
  • Make sure you have all supporting documentation prepared to provide with your application to help us with a speedy assessment. Documents you will need to provide include academic transcripts, CV, proof of English proficiency (more information can be found in our English Language Policy) and if you are applying for cross institutional study, you will need to provide your completed Fee Liability form and a letter from your institution confirming you have been approved to take cross institutional study.


How much does it cost?
Deadlines and Application Fees
Rules and Guidelines


Contact Us

In Writing: www.enquiry.unsw.edu.au.

In Person:
The Nucleus: Student Hub at UNSW Sydney
Ground Floor, Library
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