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The Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, inspiring community for girls who study maths or science at high school, are interested in STEM, or who just want to explore what engineering is all about. Here you can connect and share ideas with fellow high school girls who are also discovering the possibilities of a career in engineering.

By joining the club (for free!) you will receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to Girls in Engineering Club events
  • Monthly inspo delivered to your email, featuring profiles of amazing female engineers, study tips and loads of info to help you explore your career options in engineering
  • Opportunities to be mentored by female engineering students at UNSW
  • The chance to win prizes through participating in fun STEM activities!
  • Access to a closed Facebook community to connect with likeminded girls

With engineering, you get to choose your own adventure.


STEM subjects you study at school
By becoming a member of UNSW’s Girls in Engineering Club you will also be granted access (upon request) of the Girls in Engineering Club private Facebook group, where you will get club updates and can chat with fellow GIE club members. By subscribing to the club you agree to conducting yourself in accordance with our group guidelines: be kind and courteous, no hate speech or bullying, no spam, and respect each everyone’s privacy.