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UNSW Gateway Winter Program

Year 12

Maximise your ATAR, succeed in the HSC, and apply for an early conditional offer to UNSW.


Be part of the Gateway Winter Program and have the chance to apply for an early conditional offer to UNSW through the Gateway Admission Pathway.

The Gateway Winter Program is a free, online program that provides you with academic resources and information to ensure that you succeed in your HSC, harness your strengths and stay motivated. You’ll also be able to connect with our current UNSW student Ambassadors and find out more about our degrees and what the UNSW uni experience is like.

15 June - 2 July 2021

Registrations open 3 May and close 6 June 2021


Questions? Email us.

About the UNSW Gateway Winter Program


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Early Conditional Offers


The Gateway Admission Pathway is an early conditional offer for students in Year 12 who attend a Gateway school or who are eligible for UAC's Educational Access Scheme based on SEIFA criteria.

The Gateway Admission Pathway adjusts the ATAR requirement for your preferred UNSW degree by up to 15 points.