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Bring a different perspective to today's challenges

All around us, life is changing and the future is uncertain. But you, you know you’re here to make a difference. At UNSW, we teach our students to think critically and to take action on the world’s problems. We give them the tools they need to make positive, long-lasting impact. Be a part of the change the world needs by studying at UNSW.

The future should be data-driven or humanity-driven?

Our world today is built on data. Data is woven through every industry, organisation and profession. Data can help us solve some of the greatest problems facing our world today. However, its use does not negate the important role humans play. We need human ingenuity to ask the right questions and fine-tune the outputs.

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Creativity is inherent or learned?

Creativity. It’s the root of innovation and entrepreneurialism, and is recognised as the most important skill for the future. To create – to bring about something from nothing or to think differently about what we’ve already built – is what we need in today’s world.

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An environment safe for humans or from humans?

Humanity is in a precarious position. The balance our planet hinges on is slipping as we consume more resources than the natural world can provide. Something has to change. Do we manipulate Earth to produce more? Or do we consume less and allow the natural world to repair and replenish?​​

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Businesses should serve the community or shareholders?

Business underpins all areas of society. From a simple transaction in a shop to managing the interconnected systems that keep our cities running, business is a part of daily lives. Yet, no longer can business focus solely on profit and returns. Society expects more. We demand social and environmental accountability. Juggling the competing needs of society and shareholders is key to success.

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People need to cope or change?

We’re changing. We’re seeking a world with equality, fairness and justice woven into every thread of our social fabric. Yet, we are still far from creating a truly equal world. Can technology give us the tools to make things better for everyone, or will it divide us further? How can we embrace a rapidly-changing future, while not leaving anyone behind?

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Modern health should focus on prevention or cures?

The recent global pandemic has shown us that a healthy society depends on the health and wellbeing of everyone in it. Research and new technology are needed to solve complex challenges, while others can be fought with soap and water. Where should our priorities lie?

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Being employable means having the best skills or a breadth of skills?

No longer will we have one career for the duration of our working lives. The workforce changes often and fast, and we want to experience and do more. UNSW offers lifelong learning that teaches you to be on the front foot, be proactive and champion change. We teach you the skills for today and tomorrow.

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