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HSC Plus Adjustment Factors

HSC Plus is designed to reward strong performance in Australian Senior Secondary Certificate (Year 12) subjects relevant to UNSW undergraduate degrees.

Domestic students who complete an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate and perform well in subjects that are relevant to their preferred UNSW degree may be awarded a maximum of 5 points.

Am I eligible for points under HSC Plus?

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a domestic student (i.e. an Australian citizen or permanent resident or New Zealand citizen)
  • Complete an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate (Year 12) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the year prior to admission* to UNSW and receive an ATAR or equivalent
  • Achieve the required performance bands in relevant final senior secondary subjects
  • Not have a record of study at university

If you complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the year prior to admission* you may also be eligible. To be considered, you must be eligible for the award of the IB Diploma.

*Applicants who completed the above qualifications in 2020 and took a gap year in 2021 are also eligible for HSC Plus for admission in 2022.

How many points might I be awarded and for which Year 12 subjects?

Applicants will be awarded a maximum of 5 points for each UNSW preference. The number of points awarded and the Year 12 subjects considered are specific to individual undergraduate degrees. This means that if you apply for a range of degrees at UNSW you may have a different admission rank for each preference depending on the Year 12 subjects you have completed.

NOTE: For 2022 admission, in response to COVID-19, UNSW has increased the overall maximum of adjustment factor points (max. 12 points) an applicant can receive across all the university's schemes (HSC Plus, EAPL and EAS). For the latest updates please refer to How does the HSC exam delay affect UNSW’s 2022 intake? 


Calculate my HSC Plus Points

Are all UNSW undergraduate degrees included in HSC Plus?

The following programs are NOT included in HSC Plus:

  • Actuarial Studies (Co-op)
  • Commerce (Co-op)
  • Commerce (Co-op) (Honours)
  • Double Law
  • Information Systems (Co-op) (Honours)
  • Medicine
  • Vision Science
  • Vision Science/Clinical Optometry
  • Psychological Science
  • Psychology (Honours)

All other UNSW undergraduate degrees are included.

How do I apply for HSC Plus?

No separate application is required. For admission to undergraduate degrees at UNSW all domestic applicants completing an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate (Year 12) - either in Australia or off-shore - must lodge an application via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) - check out "Apply through UAC" for more info.  Applicants completing the International Baccalaureate either in Australia or off-shore also apply via UAC.

If you have a preference for a UNSW degree included in HSC Plus AND your performance in the required Year 12 subject/s is in the specified band, adjustment factors will be automatically added to your ATAR (or equivalent) to increase your selection rank for that preference.

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