Mature Age Pathway

Each year thousands of adults across Australia make the rewarding and challenging decision to study at university as a mature age student. Many do not have an HSC or formal qualifications. So how do you get in to university with no qualifications?  At UNSW it’s not a case of how much you are willing to pay or how ‘mature’ you are, it’s about hard work and potential.  By completing the University Preparation Program (UPP) you can build your academic skills, experience part-time study in a subject area of your interest and decide if you will make the decision to study at university as a mature student.

UPP Information Sessions: If you would like to attend an information session in Novermber to find out more about the program, head to UNSW Future Students 'What's On' to register your interest.

“I wholly believe that UPP has provided me with the opportunity to be as great as I always knew and was told that I could be.”

Past UPP Student